Pickleball Rules – Learn & Play!

Pickleball Rules – Learn & Play!


Looking for Pickleball Rules?  You’ve come to the right place.

Rules for Pickleball Serving

Service must be underhand to the diagonal box.


The first person to serve each turn is the one on the right-hand side (deuce side) of court.

Each person on a team gets 1 chance to serve, for a total of 2 chances per team.  The first server serves until they don’t win the point, then the serve passes to the second player until they don’t win the point, then serve passes to the other team.  Unlike tennis, where a server could potentially double-fault, here each server only gets 1 chance.

The “Tricky” Pickleball Rules

  • Return of Serve MUST Bounce
  • You may NOT hit the ball in the air (volley it) if you are in the no-volley zone (see diagram).
  • You MAY hit the ball if you are in the no-volley zone AS LONG AS THE BALL BOUNCES BEFORE you hit it.

Pickleball Scoring

Don’t worry if you don’t catch on to the scoring right away, or if you have a hard time remembering what the score is during the game.   The rules of Pickleball and the excitement of the game make it hard for anybody (of ANY age) to remember!

  • One Game to 11 Points, Win by 2 — You only score points when your team serves.
  • Server calls the score before each serve
  • The score consists of 3 numbers:
    • The Serving Team’s Score is called first,
    • The Receiving Team’s Score is called second, and
    • The 3rd number is either a 1 or 2 – – – The 3rd number indicates if it is the serving team’s 1st or 2nd chance to serve.
  • Score at start of game is “0-0-Start” because the first team to serve a game only gets 1 chance to serve.  When they lose the point, serve passes to other team.

So those are the basic Pickleball rules.  Any questions?  Just contact me!